Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My poster won the 1st place in the ACVP Young Investigator Award

ACVP website:
CVM Students Win Awards at ACVP Annual Meeting:

I can't believe this!!!

My poster won the first place in the ACVP Young Investigator Award in the Natural Disease category at 2016 ACVP Annual Meeting!!!

The title of my poster is "RNA-Seq of Serial Kidney Biopsies Obtained During Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease from Dogs with X-Linked Hereditary Nephropathy". I spent the whole 2016 working on RNA-Seq data analysis, and it is the best reward ever!!!

Feel free to download the PDF of my poster :)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

My RNA-Seq Lecture Was Featured on the "RNA-Seq Blog"!

Link: How to analyze RNA-Seq data? Find differentially expressed genes in your research.

Another exciting news to share. 

I was invited as the guest lecturer for VTPP 638 “Analysis of Genomic Signals” at Texas A&M University. My recent lecture on "How to Analyze RNA-Seq Data?" was featured by the most well-known sequencing blog "RNA-Seq Blog". The post has been viewed for over 3,500 times, and now the YouTube video has been watched for over 2,000 times.

Hope y'all enjoy the video :)

Up-to-date RNA-Seq Analysis Training/Courses/Papers

Link: Up-to-date RNA-Seq Analysis Training/Courses/Papers

It's a bit scary for people who do biomedical research to step into the world of computational biology.

I had the same feeling when I inherited an RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq) project from a senior member in our lab at the beginning of the year 2016. At that time, I have only taken a Digital Biology course on campus and just started to gain experience of using supercomputer through the terminal. Since I always consider learning as peeling an onion (you have to have a shallow overall concept of the outer layer of the onion before going deeper), that's when I created this post to collect related training, courses, and of course, papers about RNA-Seq.

It started out as an ask-for-help post, but as more and more resources I have utilized, now I have some humble experiences to share. Sometimes I feel people hesitate to share their own experience because they think it's not superior to others so it's not worth mentioning at all. However, I think the "beginner's view" has its own and indispensable value in helping other beginners by sharing their "dumb" questions and struggles in doing science. Therefore, I have pointed out what resources are especially useful and organized them in the post accordingly.

Enjoy :)

IOH: Democratizing Personal Experience

Link to the lecture: IOH - Texas A&M University - Candice Chu

I would like to start my blog with the first post being my volunteered lecture (in Mandarin) on the IOH website. The IOH provides an international and interdisciplinary platform to allow Taiwanese students share their experiences of studying abroad. As a first generation college graduate, I am determined to inspire the younger generation. In additional to the IOH talk, I also gave talks in two veterinary schools in Taiwan to increase the exposure and publicity of Texas A&M and to encourage potential veterinary students to study in the United States (Links to lecture notes in Mandarin is provided on the IOH website). So far, there has been more than 600 people who watched my talk. I hope my own experience a first generation college graduate can serve as a role model for them: If I can overcome all the obstacles, so can they.