Thursday, October 27, 2016

IOH: Democratizing Personal Experience

Link to the lecture: IOH - Texas A&M University - Candice Chu

I would like to start my blog with the first post being my volunteered lecture (in Mandarin) on the IOH website. The IOH provides an international and interdisciplinary platform to allow Taiwanese students share their experiences of studying abroad. As a first generation college graduate, I am determined to inspire the younger generation. In additional to the IOH talk, I also gave talks in two veterinary schools in Taiwan to increase the exposure and publicity of Texas A&M and to encourage potential veterinary students to study in the United States (Links to lecture notes in Mandarin is provided on the IOH website). So far, there has been more than 600 people who watched my talk. I hope my own experience a first generation college graduate can serve as a role model for them: If I can overcome all the obstacles, so can they.

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